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What Indeed is Dedicated Hosting?

Corporate portals, social networks and video sharing portals are very popular and heavy web pages that require a lot of system resources to perform. The more viewers a web site is having concurrently, the more resources will be needed to tackle all the requests from the customers' web browsers and to process them. Therefore a dedicated server would be the optimum hosting platform for such web pages.

Dedicated Server Hardware Equipment

There are varied hosting server configurations that you can purchase. They contrast in terms of the hardware specs they are offering - microprocessors, RAM quantities, hard disk drives, NICs, but they may also involve a monthly traffic restriction. For a very popular web page, or if you want to host many web sites on a single hosting server, you may think of a more avant-garde configuration. A dedicated server is the extreme website hosting service if you seek a powerful and reliable web hosting service without hassling about exceeding any limits. Whether you will host your own personal web portals, or you are a web site designer with multiple customers and need web hosting server disk space for your work, or you desire to collect some good cash by reselling the server space to others, a dedicated server will give you the independence that no other website hosting environment can.